From Sea to Sky - Our Story

Sipidan Island, Borneo Malaysia

A tiny road-less island in the Celebes Sea, Sipidan is dotted with grass one-room huts, and an open-air mess hall to host guests. What brought me here is not what is above the sand, but below its waters. Rich in marine life and perched atop 2000 ft underwater cliffs, Sipidan hosts large species of whales, hammerheads, barracuda, and rays just feet from its shores. In a single giant step from its pier, another world surrounds you in a weightless discovery through captivating seascapes with amazing creatures.

Like the undersea world, flying unmanned aerial vehicles creates this immersive experience. For instance, we can elevate closely to objects, hover, sharpen focus and allow us to understand a different perspective. After many years in small business offering video and data services, it is exciting to launch Aerial Tech Service (ATS) as a commercial drone business. Flight and sensor technology continuously advance, creating new applications and solutions. Gear is smaller, with extreme quality and stabile sensors, and artificial intelligence is enabling deep insights to business challenges.

We started ATS with a few goals, beginning with our commitment to the safety of people and property. To this end, we practice air and job site safety, so our pilots are FAA part 107 licensed and OSHA certified when needed on construction sites.

Commercial drone service is relatively new, and the technology, FAA legislation, and applications are rapidly evolving. For example, there is a steady rollout of new aircraft, sensor, training programs, and software. ATS is committed to staying in front of these advancements and is ready to offer you the right, cost-effective solution for your next project.

Flying complex drones is a technical challenge, and requires multiple skills. For instance, during every successful flight the pilot must practice safety, anticipate weather, be a “heads-up” pilot and deeply understand the mission. At ATS, we begin with the client, to fully understand your business challenge, acquire and process the optimum flight data, and provide you with the knowledge to act upon. Call us for your next project.

Aerial Tech Service

Elevate Vision ~ Sharpen Focus ~ Deepen Understanding


We use leading aerial drone technologies to provide superior business solutions. Above all, we operate safely, efficiently, and with care for our environment.


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