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a safe and accurate tool

Insurance Drone Serviceis  a safe, accurate tool to access and document property damage following a loss. Aerial video and photos can be composed from single dwellings to large warehouses, in a fraction of the time it would take to walk the property. In addition, aerial inspection is safer than physically accessing a compromised or steep roof, significantly reducing the likely hood of on-the-job injuries and reducing the cost of workers’ compensation claims.

When working at heights, OSHA regulations require stringent use of harnesses, barriers or safety equipment. On the other hand, using aerial photos can significantly mitigate the time and cost of inspection

Insurance Drone Service | Aerial Inspection | Church Roof

Reduces cost and improves policyholder satisfaction

Drones save time and cost in comparison to traditional assessments. Photogrammetric mapping of widespread catastrophic weather events enhances planning, reduces the number of adjusters, and saves travel and lodging costs. Consequently, rapid availability of damage maps allows insurers to prioritize their response plan to those with the greatest need, resulting in faster processing of claims, prompt payment, and higher policyholder satisfaction.

Asset Condition Documentation

In addition to loss assessment, aerial photos are also used to document asset conditions at the time of policy writing. Hard-to-access views of structures and detailed aerial maps of larger property can be inexpensively documented, to deter claims of pre-policy damage.

Insurance Drone Service | Aerial Inspection | Railroad Bridge

Insurance adjusters who have already implemented drones into their investigations have reported inspections to take less time when using drones. In addition, using drones can also be less intrusive on customers. According to Gary Sullivan of FAA-approved Erie Insurance, “What’s been interesting is that we have not found objection coming from our policyholders. Our policyholders have been very open with us utilizing this technology to assist them with their claims

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