Utilities and Asset Management

Drone Photo and Video Service | Solar panel field
“One of the most valuable things the drone does is allow us to inspect infrastructure without having to shut it down. This saves us hazardous man-hours, improves turnaround time by several days, and eliminates paperwork.”

Site Prospecting, Planning and Build Out

Identify premium sites by using drones to model topography, slope orientation, erosion potential, and shade assessment among other features. A Drone Utility Service is low-cost, accurate, and rapidly provides actionable information for utility planning and design. During construction, drones can quickly identify systematic problems, plan logistics, report, and document progress, and improve project management.

Inspection and Planned maintenance

Drones are a valuable tool to perform scheduled inspections of pump stations, pipelines, solar farms, wind turbines, and towers, etc. Infrared and high-resolution visual data is used to forewarn potential equipment failures. Detailed assessments of post-storm damage, vegetation encroachment, perimeter fencing, and erosion can be flagged for maintenance repair.
Drones offer a safe and efficient method of visual inspection. Drones mitigate working at dangerous heights and enable complete inspection from multiple angles

Cell tower inspection
Communication and Water Tower Inspections

Elevate Vision ~ Sharpen Focus ~ Deepen Understanding

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