Photogrammetric Mapping

Photogrammetric Mapping is a powerful 2D Map 3D Model technique used to acquire geo-referenced aerial photographs, over large areas and to precision stitch those photos into one high resolution image. The benefits as a business solution are many:

  • This technique produces a high-resolution image covering large areas, with the ability to zoom in to aid site layout or project progress.
  • Enables the ability to annotate the image with linear, volumetric, area estimates for materials management.
  • Allow you to export the image to design and geo-referenced software for as-built or existing conditions (architectural plans or topographical maps for example).
Before After Gas tanks before build outAerial map of natural gas tanks

Gas Tank Buildout

Flyover Stats

  • Map coverage 32.8  acres
  • Flyover altitude 200 ft.
  • Total photos 694 
  • The elapsed time between flyover is 10 months. 

Inset on “after” picture, shows photo resolution

Gas Tank manifold detail

Let's talk about ...Map Accuracy

Most drone maps provide a high degree of relative accuracy, meaning that the distances between points on the map are correct. For many map uses, including agricultural crop scouting, volume measurements and damage detection, this relative accuracy is more than sufficient. However, certain highly precise surveying and inspection operations require a high degree of global accuracy. This means making sure that each individual point within a map is geo-tagged to within a certain accuracy when compared to absolute, global latitude and longitude values — a difficult feat to achieve

Woodridge Water Tank

Flown with a Mavic 2 Pro with GPS positioning. Accuracy can be improved with Ground Control Points or RTK positioning.


As- Built Specs

183.3 ft diameter

182 ft diameter

22.6 ft high walls

22 ft high walls


23165 cubic yard capacity

21187 cubic yard capacity

Example of volumetric measurement
Water tank linear measure example
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